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start: Nov 25, 2023
end: Dec 5, 2023


You are invited to join Dee Koprivc, Supersoul.Yoga’s CEO to a very special adventure to Peru’s Sacred Valley. This is not just another retreat, - rather, it is part of our series of deeply immersive journeys to the world’s most revered, sacred places. Our itinerary has two parts: the first 8 days we immerse in the heritage of the Sacred Valley; the last 3 days are for an optional high-altitude trek, to the stunning and remote Ausangate region of the Andes. 

Peru is a land of captivating beauty. To its people, the Andes, are considered home of the most pristine sprititual energy on Earth- the point where the essence of life is born. These mountains are a heritage of profound faith, ancestral wisdoms and shamanic practices which deeply honor our Mother Earth.

During our retreat we will be initiated into the Spirit realm of the Andes though ceremonial offerings, and ask for permission to ascend the Apu Macchu Picchu. We will meditate and breathe deeply to feel the life and energy of the water in the sacred lagoons of Pisaq. We share the sacred leaves of Coca and tobacco, with the Apus (mountain spirits) and witness the magnificent and mysterious Incan ruins.

The last three days of our journey are offered for the brave explorers, who wish to experience the magnificence of the high-altitude Andes, and it is optional. We will ascend to the Ausangate region, and enjoy breathtaking views, hike to the Otorongo lake, take part in a very special shaman intiaition, and take a dip in the Pacchanta natural hot springs at 4200m altitude. 

These exquisite places radiate so much mystery, harmony and divinity – together with deep daily practices, they will without a doubt awaken our hearts and reconnect us to our highest selves. In its essence, this journey is an extraordinary invitation to learn from the greatest of all masters- Pachamama herself.


Dee Koprivc


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Supersoul founder. Dreamer and doer. Humbled Mama. Believer in inexplicable connections. Will live twice.    I'm always on the move. My work with UNICEF has taken me to over 20 countries. I campaigned…


Our program weaves together the common threads of yogic and shamanic practices. We explore their shared views of inter-connectedness; honoring & learning from Nature and its elements; and how both traditions teach how to reach deeper states of consciousness. We will explore these anicent wisdoms, whose shared aim is to guide us back to our true nature and remind us to follow our hearts.

During our stay at the Samadhi Sacred Valley Retreat Centre we gather for daily Yogic practices at the gorgeous Samadhi Shala which overlooks the mountains. In our classes, we will journey through the seven energy centers of the body inspired by the chakra architecture of the Samadhi Retreat Centre. Through our time on the mat, we will integrate what we learn from our travels through the Andes, and create internal space for growth and healing.

When we are not exploring the Sacred Valley, we will gather in the afternoons for a sharing circle, a soundbath, a traditional Peruvian Cacao Ceremony, a painting class, or a restorative practice. The intention of these gatherings is to cultivate a deeper connection to ourselves, with each other, our communities, and the world at large.



Our home for the first 8 days is at Samadhi Sacred Valley - a sustainable, eco-friendly retreat center surrounded by mighty mountains.

Inspired by sacred geometry, Samadhi resonates with the Chakras intelligence. Each of the rooms represent one of the seven chakra energy centers in the body wrapping you in its space, colors, textures, flavors and art each adapted to awaken the energy centres, and lead you closer to your essence.

The yoga shala is famous world-wide for its magnificent views.

Our organic and vegetarian food is sustainably sourced from Samadhi gardens. The dishes are organic and super nutritious, balanced and healthy, prepared by gastronomic artists-chefs, aimed to strengthen our immune system with superfoods: maca, pollen, honey and others. A stay at Samadhi is a beautiful opportunity to feed our bodies, minds and spirits with well-being, strength and happiness.

This is a no-smoking and alcohol-free space.  

During our Ausangate Trek for 2 nights we will stay in simple lodges, enjoying the meals prepared by our local hosts. For those joining the trek, our last evening together will be spent in a medium-range hotel in Cusco.  


*This 11 day journey is divided into two parts of which the second part is optional.

For the first 7 nights of our journey we will be based in the gorgeous Samadhi Sacred Valley from where we will undertake hikes to the different sacred sites in the Valley, including Macchu Picchu:

Saturday, November 25. Day 1: Arrival

  • Arrival to Cusco and transfer to Samadhi Retreat. Lunch for those who arrive by 1pm, a welcome circle & dinner. 

Sunday, November 26. Day 2: Root Chakra

  • Chakra themed Yoga & meditation to honor earth. Despacho Ceremony to thank Mother Earth through this Andean native ritual. Optional massages, and relaxing local walks in the Valley enjoying the magnificent surroundings and connecting with the land. All meals included.

Monday, November 27. Day 3: Sacral Chakra

  • Chakra themed Yoga & meditation to honor water.  Optional trek to Pumahuanca, a stunning nature trek to the Inca temple of the sacred feminine, passing rivers and mountains, and enjoying incredible views.  All meals included.

Tuesday, November 28. Day 4: Solar Plexus Chakra Chakra.

  • A potent manipura day with a visit to Apu Macchu Picchu. We climb the Macchu Picchu mountain, and spend the day in awe and ritual. We return to our centre inspired by the breath-taking visit to Apu Macchu Picchu. All meals included.

Wednesday, November 29. Day 5: Heart Chakra

  • Chakra themed Yoga & meditation. A pottery class as a practice to manifest our deepest emotions & Cacao ceremony, mantra & sharing circle as we integrate our experience of Macchu Picchu and continue the upward energetic journey from our heart to our voice. All meals included.

Thursday, November 30. Day 6: Throat  Chakra

  • Chakra themed Yoga & meditation. Hike to the magnificent and mysterious Incan ruins of Moray. In the evening we gather for a sublime ancestral soundbath. All meals included.

Friday, December 1. Day 7: Third Eye Chakra

  • Chakra themed Yoga & meditation. Group trip to Pisac town, celebration, reflection, closing ceremony around the fire. 

Saturday, December 2. Day 8: Crown Chakra

  • Breakfast, check out and prep for the spiritual pilgrimage to Ausangate. 

Optional Trek

The Pacchanta Trek:  Into The Splendor of Pachamama

The following three days are dedicated to an epic, off-the-beaten deeply spiritual trek to the high-altitude Andes, Ausangate Region. This leg of the journey is optional (it is not included in the price of the retreat).

While this is truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, to visit one of the world’s most incredible spiritual places, it may not be for everyone. As we reach for the high altitude Andean region, with elevation of around 4500m, your decision to join will depend on your health, physical ability and a level of desire for an adventure of a lifetime. You may wish to join in after we check out from Samadhi, or you may wish to return to Cusco and prepare for your onward journey.

 Saturday, December 2. Day 8

  • Depart from Samadhi Valley and take a 5-hour van ride, passing the Tinke village to arrive to Pacchanta (4200m) where we will spend the night high up in the Andes with the traditional local communities, sharing a meal, and enjoying the natural hot springs of Pacchanta. This is an incredible opportunity to learn about the customs of these remote mostly tourist-free traditional communities, their agriculture and textile-making, their shamanic practices, and ways of life.  We ascend the Andes with a desire to experience a materially simple, but spiritually rich life. Surrounded by the most incredible scenery, we will feel the power of life, its richness and vibrancy through all our senses. We stay in simple village lodges, and share community meals prepared by the villagers, our hosts.

Sunday, December 3. Day 9

  • Trek for about 5 hours around the Andean lakes (Azulcocha, Otorongo, Pucacocha, Alqacocha y Q’omercocha), hiking or horseriding (!) through breathtaking sceneries of snow-covered peaks. At the Otorongo lake, we will take part in a Pachamama ceremony with a special initiation by the Q’ero Shaman Fermin. We meditate and enjoy the high vibration from one of the most pristine places in the Andes. We return to Pacchanta for hot springs, a warm community meal and rest.

Monday, December 4. Day 10

  • Return to the culturally rich city of Cusco, exploring the vibrant Qechua markets, arts and crafts, the charming cobblestone streets, integrating our experience, and circling up for our last group meal together. Overnight in Cusco hotel and departure on the following day.

Tuesday, December 5. Day 11

  • Check out and departure.


Samadhi Centre retreat cost (The first part of the journey)

  • Per person, in a shared triple room: €1950
  • Per person, in a shared double room: €2200
  • Per person, single stay: €2600


  • 8 days, 7 nights stay at Samadhi Sacred Valley
  • 3 meals a day (vegetarian) unless otherwise specified. 
  • All daily yoga classes & lectures
  • Guest speakers & spiritual guides
  • Despacho ceremony, sound healing, cacao ceremony and a temascal experience
  • Day long visit to Machu Picchu with a spiritual guide and ceremonies
  • Hike to Quinsacocha lakes
  • Visit to Pisac town and market
  • Hikes around Samadhi center

Ausangate Trek cost

  • Per person, in a shared double room: €370 (plus supplement if you wish to stay single on your last evening in Cusco)


  • 2 nights stay in a shared room in a simple traditional lodge
  • 2 days of magnificent high altitude treks with a spiritual guide
  • 2 traditional meals a day (vegetarian) unless otherwise specified. 
  • Spiritual guides & ceremonies
  • Transfer from Samadhi to Pacchaca, and back to Cusco
  • 1 night stay in Cusco and last dinner

Not Included in the package

  • Flights to Cusco
  • Airport transfer (can be arranged and shared)
  • Visa and Travel insurance (highly recommended)
  • Additional hotel bookings (for those arriving early, or staying later)
  • Additional treks & excursions (Minas i Moray, waterfalls, etc)
  • Airport transport (can be arranged)
  • Some meals during your free time
  • Specialty drinks and coffees
  • Tips & gratuities
  • Personal photoshoots with retreat photographer

Forecast cost of average flight Zagreb to Cusco is between €1200-€1700 depending on the duration of the flight


Here is the fine print for your booking:

  • Check-in: November 25, meeting with the group at 4pm at Samadhi Retreat Centre
  • Check-out from Samadhi: December 2, by 10am
  • Transfer to Pachacca, Ausangate region is on December 2
  • Return to Cusco in on December 4
  • The complete journey ends on December 5 with the check out from the hotel in Cusco
  • You can arrange extra nights on your own.
  • Flights are your own responsibility. 
  • CUSCO is the closest airport to Samadhi Sacred Valley, about 2 hours drive
  • All international flights will stop through Lima Airport first through Peru- please plan accordingly.
  • Private taxi transport can be arranged from the airport for an additional cost.
  • Travel & insurance are your own responsibility
  • Please ensure that your passport is valid.
  • Make sure that you are aware of immigration/visa laws in Peru.
  • You will receive an infosheet containing further info to prepare for your travel including what to bring- it is important that you read it. 

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