When we look with only lenses of logic, it can be that we have a shallowed depth of focus. And If we can gaze with lenses of humble mystery at the mystical, with naked eyes, the intelligence of every molecule of life begins to reveal itself.

Meghan Currie Yoga

I'll admit: my first journey to see Meghan in Frankfurt in 2013 was fueled by a fairly superficial, star-struck curiosity after seeing her fancy, acrobatic youtube videos – visually so scrumptious, but there was something else there that caught me, that had me watching Mad Love at least 20 times and then showing it to everyone I could hold still long enough. I had discovered something – a magnetism, a fastidious commitment to feeling all the feels. This was even before I knew the bottomless depths of the wisdom that bubbles out of Meghan when she's teaching, it was just an intuition.

I drove the five hours north-west of my then-home in the Bavarian Alps and moved and shook and sweated along with 60 other bodies for a weekend. And I was hooked. What stuck had nothing to do with the postures and everything with the teachings. It felt like being carried, like the words and wisdom that flowed out of Meghan moved us all. Hard to explain.

Meghan Currie Yoga

What holds us back, individually, collectively, generationally, is what turns into the greatest catapulting force, moving us in the opposite direction at greater speeds than we could have gone without the tension of opposition.

It stuck fast enough that two years later, in a spell of intense heartbreak, I saw a note from Meghan on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to come to India for a fairly last-minute retreat. I didn't think twice, busted out my credit card, to the max for flight and the whole deal and two months later woke up in Goa. That week was transformative on many levels – healing began and it powered me up like a battery. The sweaty 2-3 hour morning flows wrung me out and moved some emotional junk that felt like boulders – I was lighter and cleaner after – but it was often in the evening, during long Yin/restorative sessions that I felt cracked wide open. Laying vulnerable with my heart wide, the words soaked in deep and I felt truly imbued, like a fully soaked sponge at the end of seven days and a bright and sparkly Goan new year's party.

Meghan Currie Goa

More than I'm experiencing my own anxieties as an inconvenience, I'm practicing staying awake, breath by breath, saying thank you for showing me where I'm hanging onto old stories that are generating assumptions about this moment now

I've been to see Meghan several times since and each time it's a new revelation. It's still hard to put into words what exactly the alchemy is that happens during her classes – classes that sometimes feel like a channeling, like a portal or vessel for information that lives somewhere in the collective consciousness. The information sometimes feels too vast, too perfectly RIGHT ON to come from one brain or heart. Though I do believe that hers are special (brain and heart). It has to do with SLOW DOWN. With FEEL MORE. Be HERE, don't miss a thing. It's this childlike awe at the wonder of being alive, of the priviledge we have to be sensory and perceiving beings, that the Universe gets to experience itself through us. So clean the lens, clear up your vision, blow your energetic nose so that you can smell and turn on every sense you have. Not a moment to lose.

Meghan Currie Yoga

Stay open, say yes, stop, drop, melt, let it flow through... those are the words I say to myself so I remember not to forget how much I love all of this precious life.

My recommendation: if you want to go deeper, if you want to get clear, lighter, wrung out and then filled back up again, then consider joining one of Meghan's retreats. Some things should not be missed in this lifetime.

Photos: Sanjin Kaštelan/ In top two pics, Meghan's wearing her own new gorgeous collection @is.a.belle.moon!


Join Meghan at her upcoming Bali SPA Reset Retreat, 18-25 January, 2020

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