Goa, India 13-20 January, 2015

And now we welcome the New Year, full of things that have never been" "• Rainer Maria Rilke

A group of powerfully stunning yogis from all over the world resolved to start 2015 happy and healthy by kicking it off with Rachael Fallon's retreat at the Samata Holistic Center in Goa, India.    They travelled from afar to experience the remarkable magical energy of Goa, and to practice in the land of Yoga.

This is My Year was all about the students finding their Inner Power to be fearless. We shared an intimate energy based on trust and surrender. We went on motorbike journeys through the jungle and beaches of Goa exploring the culture and stepping out of our comfort zones. We practiced Upside Yoga, -everyone was playing with headstands, handstands, and deep heart openers on the beach at sunsets. We found our inner-child, and played and danced and found so much laughter and love that came from the inside. We all left with a vision of a year filled with possibilities, and new dreams.


Photos: Sanjin Kastelan



"œThe retreat as a whole was an absolutely enlightening journey, it was an experience in which has impacted me on so many levels, with moments so rich in culture, beauty of nature, spirituality, genuine friendships, healing, and indulgence in yoga in so many realms.

"¦The breakfasts were absolutely the most delectable, wholesome delicious breakfasts I've experienced! The lunches at the cafe at Tamarind Tree Cafe were phenomenal! I was so impressed everyday eating there! The quality, tastes and diversity, and service was arguably the best I've ever had. And then, Matsya!!!!! Our dinners were delectable. Matsya's chef Gome is the most talented, inspiring, and creative chef. His food is heavenly, he makes eating a whole experience with tastes, colors and textures that are invigorating and nourishing. The food while on my stay was amazing.   

And then the yoga! Rachael MADE this trip incredible, as she took us on daily adventures, she showed us the truth and depth of Goa! WIthout her, I would not have seen or experienced, or immersed myself in such culture! She is the most beautiful soul, and she devoted her time to us. Her classes were powerful, full of wisdom, healing, and challenges! The yoga was incredible"¦.


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