Using Yoga and mindfulness to navigate the shadows

Loves, how you holding up?

We’re moving through some pretty intense times right now, you feeling it? We now have 6 planets in retrograde and we’re about to experience the longest lunar eclipse of this century, on a Full Blood Moon. 

If you’ve been sitting in some pretty uncomfortable places recently, having conflicts, experiencing doubt, and the resurfacing of some old karmic patterns, there is good reason for this. We are all being called to witness these shadow sides of ourselves and clear them for good. This process of unraveling can be really confronting as we see those parts of ourselves that we’ve kept buried deep within, hidden from view. Have you noticed that perhaps you’ve been attracting people and circumstances into your life that offer quite profound reflections? Well, if you have an awareness of this and you’re willing to “do the work”, surrender to this process and trust that you will be greatly rewarded. This isn’t only a time of some major shifts and clearing in our lives, this could potentially be a complete rebirth and new life for some!

Wow, powerful right? And as I sit and write this on the 3rdmost magnetic island in the world, I feel it even more deeply. Personally, I have been going through some major internal shifts, emotionally, mentally and physically. In some moments I even question my own sanity it seems so erratic, or is that just being a woman? No wait, seriously, this has not been an easy process, nor has it been comfortable, and there are days when I wonder… will this energy ease up soon? Well, it seems unlikely in the next few weeks with all of the information on astrology that I’m reading about right now. YIKES! 


If you’re still with me, I’ve got you, you’re not alone. I’ve been finding some ways to move through these uncomfortable places with a little more grace, or so I hope, and so I offer you these insights so that they may assist you in your own processes.

When you find yourself feeling an intense emotion, whether it is anger, frustration or pain, firstly, don’t beat yourself up about it and attempt to “think positive” all the time. If you continue to dismiss and suppress your own emotions, it will only prolong and exasperate the feelings in the long term. ACKNOWLEDGE these feelings; understand that they are surfacing for a reason. Know that they are valid. Go inwards and ask why they are there. Are you being asked to look a little deeper?

A great way to move through these moments is to sit and MEDITATE. Connect to your breath. It’s ok if your mind is going 100 miles an hour and your thoughts are like a flipbook, just breathe. Breathe deeply into your belly and slow down. Relax your jaw. In this moment, there is nothing else for you to do, and nowhere else to be. And breeeeathe again. Tune in. Learn how to listen in these moments of silence. See what comes through. Messages, insights, perhaps a deeper awareness of something you’ve been passing through, more clarity. 

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MOVE. When emotions like fear arise, move your body. Stretch, dance, walk, run, do some yoga. Sometimes we can get too caught up in our minds and the mental chatter gets louder and louder until finally we break. When we move, we come back into our physical bodies, the energy shifts from the mind and into the heart. Feel. Explore. Find those areas of tension in your body, gently bringing awareness to them and unwind yourself in all ways. The idea is that you don’t overthink your movement; you simply let your body move itself. Put on some of your favourite music and dance. Movement is medicine. 

If you need to cry, cry. Let those tears roll down those beautiful cheeks and feel the release. Ahhhhhh…

WRITE. Another great way to shift some of the emotions that are arising is to write. If you don’t have a journal, just type. Again, don’t overthink what you’re writing, just stream write and see it as a massive brain dump. Don’t judge your words, it doesn’t even have to make sense and you don’t have to read this back; it’s just a way of clearing your mind and therefore, your energy. The best time to do this is first thing in the morning as part of your morning routine before you do anything else. So instead of checking your Instagram account or scrolling through Facebook, write - use this time is for you, and only you. Be consistent. Trust me, this one, is gold. 


Take off your shoes and CONNECT with nature. Tread your bare feet into the Earth and feel yourself becoming more grounded as you do this. Feel at one with the planet that holds you and feel her rhythms. Surrender. When things don’t seem to be going your way and you’re met with resistance, let go. Trust that these things are falling away for good reason, knowing that all that is not aligned with your highest self needs to be released in this time. Surrender again. Drop all expectations; we can cause ourselves a lot of upset just through our own expectations. Pay attention to your dreams, it is said that in these times we will be receiving insightful messages...  



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