The art of teaching yoga is a practice in and of itself. This role provides endless gifts of awakening. Each student, each class is a new opportunity to refine and integrate our practice. As the ethical foundation of yoga, the yamas and niyamas can inform our presence in the classroom. May they guide us all as we embody the practice of yoga in leading our classes.

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How can I aim to be non-violent in my instruction, leading each and every student through a practice which lovingly honors their body?


In this practice today, what really matters? How can I be more honest, real and heartfelt in what I am sharing?


What is it like to step back from the victory of teaching and allow my students to shine, giving them the possibility of success for their own sake?


How can I refine the way I use my energy, monitoring what feeds and drains me, so I have more presence to share? How can I be more courageous in choosing wisely?


Is it possible to release attachment to my own ideas and cultivate an allowance of each student and each way of moving?


What is the best way to cleanse and clarify myself before teaching, so I can be less distracted and more present?


Where can I find gratitude in each class, just as it is?


Are my own fires of curiosity and passion stoked and permeating into my teaching?


What is teaching illuminating about me? What am I learning about myself, my reactions, my ways of being?

ishvara pranidhana=surrender to the absolute

Am I providing myself and my students enough space to be in silence, stillness, and awe, to feel the teachings of yoga teaching us?


cover image: Dewang Gupta

Lauren Harris

Contributing Writer

Lauren came to Yoga in the depths of an Alaskan winter in 2010, and soon an internal fire was lit. In a land of extreme isolation and grandiose wild, she found a home and a stillness on her mat. From this stillness, came movement...

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