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As the days get longer and the sunshine warmer here in Europe, we are getting giddy about the summer, preparing for another exciting retreat and workshop season.

We look forward all year to this time when the magic happens – the gathering of inspiring souls in beautiful, sun-kissed oases. Summer brings ripe fruit: transformative workshops and retreats with the international crew of Yoga teachers and magic-weavers we're lucky to work with.

It’s the best kind of feeling, watching the tribe gather from all over the world, coming together to celebrate the joy of movement and breath, the stillness of going inward and the power of togetherness – we can’t wait! 

Hope to see you out there, on the mat, under the olive trees, in the sea or dancing under a summertime full moon!


We’re starting the season at home in Zagreb,  where we’ll be getting our practice on with the best of guidance from the inspiring Ty Landrum, the director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, founded by the legendary Richard Freeman. The morning self-practice groups are full, but we still have a few spots left at the Weekend workshop- join us!  

ty landrum croatia



ITALY: Ashtanga Yoga Retreat with David Robson and Jelena Vesic, 19-26 May

We then move to the south of Italy, for an exquisite week: sun-soaked, Mediterranean goodness meets daily Ashtanga practice and lots of fascinating workshops with the dedicated, delightful, and most favorite Ashtanga couple, David and Jelena. Join us!

yoga in salento



ITALY: The Majesty of Being Retreat with Meghan Currie, 2-9 June

In June, we stay in beautiful Salento for deep surrender to the Majesty of Being with magical Meghan Currie. A week of pure nectar and ambrosia, of total dedication to bliss, letting ourselves be moved, stirred, shaken and then steeping in the stillness that is always present. One spot left- sign up!

meghan currie supersoul



CROATIA: Summerlovin’ VInyasa Yoga Retreats with Nina Vukas, 16-23 June, and 23-30 June

Our Croatian summer retreat has been a staple since we started 5 years ago, and it weaves its own sweet magic every year. This year, two opportunities to come play by the sea with us! A few spots left for 16-23 June; 2 spots left for 23-30 June. Join us!

 croatia yoga retreat



CROATIA: Coastal Retreat Near DUBROVNIK with Janet Stone, 28 July-4 August

Janet Stone's Yoga retreat is our very special treat this summer: the program beautifully weaves together daily Yoga practice, time for deep connection to nature, enriching cultural explorations with breathtaking views of the Croatian archipelago, and space for reflection. Join us!

janet stone croatia yoga retreat




Our summer season will wrap up in Ibiza with a week packed with Yoga, sound, healing, dance…moving magic on a magical island. This week is envisioned as a doorway to opening much deeper inward connections. It’s all about living in the present moment, being content with what is. Join us, embrace life, and let magic show you the way. 

supersoul ibiza retreat


Wherever your heart takes you in these coming months, remember to “live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.”  -Henry David Thoreau 
We hope to see you out there…



Dee Koprivc


Supersoul founder. Dreamer and Doer. Humbled Mama. Believer in inexplicable connections. Always on the move. Will live twice.

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Chief Editor

Movement, travel and Yoga have been a constant and defining part of Lisa's path, which has led her, with many colorful detours in the arts, life in New York City...

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