Describe your love story with Yoga?
Like many Yogis, I first came to yoga broken - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I needed love, comfort, support and guidance. I needed to heal on so many levels but didn't know how. One of my teachers always said, "All you have to do it show up, that is it." So, I listened and showed up on my mat. My intention was simply to take better care of myself. Yoga quickly became my outlet, my healing place. From a broken heart, an injured hip, a stitched up eye and a job that had no life left in it; to new friends, a rewarding job, loving partner and a healthy body and mind. I changed quickly in the best of ways. Because of yoga I began to see a better side of life, a better me.

Tell us about your teaching style?
My teaching style is like my art and way of living, it is dynamic. I enjoy many different things in life; silent evenings under the stars that leave me in beautiful wonder, hiking up mountains and snowboarding down steep slopes, celebrating life with the love of my life, journaling at all hours of the day and night, having deep conversations about life and all its greatness, floating in the ocean like a mermaid and catching Maui waves on a longboard. I like variety in all of my activities, including my Yoga practice. I enjoy Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Hot Vinyasa, Kundalini, Meditation. Each practice is a reflection of how I am feeling and what I am needing. Yoga, like my art, is simply a way to connect with and express my life experience. The best part of teaching is being able to share my journey with others, to inspire and be inspired.

How does your relationship to Yoga transcend the mat?
Yoga has been my best friend, so it is only natural for me to be open when I come to my mat. My mat is my place to shed and let go of what no longer serves me. It is my science lab, a place of experimenting and discovering. My mat is my place to unleash, a place to laugh, a place to cry, forgive and love. This practice is my life and my mat is where the magic happens.

Tell us about your writing practice?
I began "journaling" about three years ago while reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, a workbook that requires you to do "Morning Pages" or journaling first thing in the morning before any other activity. A task that at first seems impossible to do, became part of my regular routine. Like my Yoga mat, my notebook became a place to express, to shed, to release, to contemplate, to problem-solve and create. When I didn't have someone to talk or listen to, the morning pages were there. My homework slowly became my hobby.

What's your secret to happiness?
My secret to happiness is being honest with myself and others. SAT NAM ~ "Truth is my identity."

Looking back, what lessons and moments were most poignant this past year?
One of my personal Sutras is "Everything is a learning experience." Failure can not exist if one continues to learn. So when it comes to difficult situations, hard lessons, unfortunate times, I remind myself that I am here to learn and share my experience. What we call problems now will transform into solutions.

Looking ahead, what are you excited about this coming year?
My intention this year is to be more romantic and passionate. To be courageous and go on more adventures. So, I am looking forward to enjoying the above. ;)

What are your grateful for today?
I am grateful for all the support that I have had over the years. I am grateful for all the snow that we, in Colorado, have been getting this year. I am grateful for my friends and family. I am grateful to be happy and healthy. I am grateful for Yoga and most importantly I am grateful to be alive.

What is your top tip for those new to Yoga practice?
Keep an open mind, be kind to yourself and be patient, it is a life-long practice.

Yana teaches regularly at Meta Yoga Studios in Breckenridge, Colorado
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