Describe your love story with Yoga?
Perhaps like all passionate yogis, Yoga changed my life. I dabbled as a teen, but really fell deeply in love with Hatha and Vinyasa during my time in London. Yoga gave me a home when I was far away from home, and taught me that happiness is an inside job.

Tell us about your teaching style?
I have never been very good at planning, so my classes are spontaneous bursts of light and love, however that comes in the physical form. Every class includes Meditation, Pranayama and Asana, as well as spiritual concepts and a bit of a group chat. I am a believer in promoting all 8 limbs of Yoga and making each class a journey into the self. Smiles are obligatory. Come to be challenged. Leave feeling empowered.

How does your relationship to Yoga transcend the mat?
The day Yoga teaches you that the mind is a little monkey, and you realize that what you thought was impossible, actually isn't, is the day you start living and breathing Yoga. On and off the mat, I smile at my monkey mind, and choose happiness. Of course its a work in progress, but for me, its the most important Yogic lesson.

Tell us about your writing practice?
I write because I wake up in the middle of the night with words in my head that need to be written down. Who knows where they come from? They are not mine - So, I just simply pass them along.

What's your secret to happiness?
Its the most simple concept in the world! In every decision we make, in every single moment, there is the option to choose love or fear. Just choose love, every time.

Looking back, what lessons and moments were most poignant this past year?
This past year was incredible. I became a mama! Nothing could have prepared me for the incredible amount of love I would feel. Being a mama has taught me to cherish every moment (and that sleep is overrated).

Looking ahead, what are you excited about this coming year?
Oh, lets see - Teaching more yoga classes, connecting with like-minded souls, running some cool wellness events like full moon meditations and kombucha workshops, travel adventures to Ireland and Greece, a further teacher training in India and watching my little bear grow.

What are your grateful for today?
Coffee - I have a jet lagged baby who wanted to party at 4am and a brand new espresso machine!

What is your top tip for those new to Yoga practice?
Don't be too serious. Smile, laugh, enjoy your amazing body and the way it moves. There is no finish line or time frame, no comparison or prize so take your time and love the journey.

Closing thoughts:
Life is a great adventure. Feel free to be the most enthusiastic person you know.

Rebecca teaches at Life Space, St Germain en Laye, Paris, France. @rebecca_hurtrel
She hast written beautiful articles for Supersoul, including 'Giving" in the Spirit of Yoga'

She also writes a yoga blog called Plume Yoga -

Rebecca Hurtrel

Contributing Writer

Hello, I’m Bec and I’m obsessed with love. If Yoga has taught me anything, it is that we always have two choices in every situation: to act in love or to act in fear. I want love to win - every time.

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