The Ancient Wisdom of the Sacred Female Cycle

Calling all women!

Women all over the world are rising in a big way. Empowered in their voices, their intuition, their knowledge, their rights. To be seen and given opportunities to be Great successful leaders, teachers, movers, shakers, lovers, healers, mothers and revolutionaries.

And yet... "What if I told you are not using the one greatest power source that is available to you?"
~ Miranda Gray.

... A source that is rich with energy, vital wisdom and insight that can bring more success into our work, relationships, creativity... and even your Yoga practice?

In the world of business and work, we have completely forgotten a fundamental truth about ourselves as women: our blood.

A source that used to be considered sacred, to be revered, and something to be celebrated.

Sophie Sôfrēē

Instead we are taught to resent menstruation. To hide it. To push through any energetic changes and keep 'business as usual'. Because we have forgotten that we are not linear, nor rigid. Unlike men, we have a monthly cycle of mental, physical and emotional changes which impact the way we think, feel and behave.

The good news is that the moment we bring awareness to the energetic changes and phases in our cycle, we will have tapped into the greatest Gold of being a woman. We can discover the
optimal times for physical activity, creativity, communication, problem-solving and manifestation.

The moment give ourselves permission to be who we are, cyclical in nature, and bring awareness to whatever phase we are in, we can generate feelings of acceptance, self-confidence and self-love.

One of the books that most helped me embrace this perspective is Miranda Gray's book called 'The Optimized Woman: Using Your Menstrual Cycle to Achieve Success and Fulfillment.' She highlights the 4 distinct phases in our cycle and how it carries gifts, strengths... each phase offering the optimum times for Creativity, Reflection, Dynamism, and Expression!

Diagram from Miranda Gray's work:

Miranda Gray Diagram

Her work encourages women to use the cyclical phases as a map to self-empowerment.
As an inner life coach. A monthly planner. A guide to where we can direct our energies most optimally!

Grab a copy of this book if you can and experience it for yourself.

May we remember our gifts of being a woman.
Our power source.
Our guides to success.
To love our blood and look forward to all the phases and gifts that will unfold throughout the precious life.

Sophie Sôfrēē

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Sophie Sôfrēē

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