We love what we do: creating and holding space for deep immersion, for letting go, for shedding layers to arrive at our own core, at the heart of things. Looking back, this year so far has been full of moments like jewels. Of iridescent ocean sunsets, of strong asana practices that leave us feeling wrung out and refreshed, of languid Yin yoga evenings, deep meditations, and many many hours kissed by the sun in some of the world's most beautiful spots with some truly wonderful people. 

Here are some of our favorite moments captured.

Our year started in Bali once again, where we met last December, in the sacred time between the years, and rode the wave together from 2018 into 2019, carried by breath and Meghan Currie's deeply moving words. Our sweaty morning and melty evening practices were wrapped in blissful sound by Cellomano and Baptiste Sojourne - transcendental tunes taking us on a deep journey into the self. Truly heavenly Yoga, combined with abundant Mama Bali vibes, at the gorgeous Desa Seni resort -so spicy and nurturing and cleansing...leaving us wrung out and spacious, ready for the NEW.

meghan currie bali retreat

meghan currie bali retreat

Next Bali retreat with Meghan Currie is hapenning January 18-25, 2020. Join us

Our Spring began with a journey to the roots with the wonderful Ellen Johannesen. Traveling to Nepal feels like moving toward the source, like connecting into a collective knowing that gently nudges us to discover our own greater purpose in life-the ever mistyfing pull of one's Dharma. Benevolent, ancient and patient, the wild landscape at the foot of the Himalaya has cradled the development of such wisdom – and it cradles those who come with an open mind and heart as well. We spent ten glorious days visitng and living in Buddhist monasteries, learning about Hindu temples, trekking, meditating and practicing/

nepal yoga retreat

nepal yoga retreat

We are headed back to Nepal for Easter 2020. Join us! 

As the sun reached its peak in June, we spent the longest days of the year diving deep into practice and play with Meghan Currie in the heart of the Spanish countryside, Andalucía. There, suspended between the sea and stars, cradled by the fiery soul of old Spain, we got to the heart, the core, to the essence of things. This was time cradled in nature, immersed in breath, kissed by sunshine and accompanied by the passionate hum of the Andalucían soul. 

supersoul meghan currie yoga retreat

meghan currie yoga retreat

We loved this retreat so much- we are doing it again, same place, same time with Meghan Currie. June 6-13, 2020. Request more info

In late June we transitioned to beautiful Brac Island on our home turf. This is was our 6th annual retreat led by Nina Vukas on the Croatian coast - one of our favorite destinations. Brac's rich cultural and historic heritage, delicious Dalmatian cuisine, beautiful beaches and bays and crystal blue sea, are just some of the reason why we love gathering here in summertime...The turquoise sea, the sun and the wind all invite us to engage in transforming the raw energy of the elements to support us in simplifying, clearing, cleansing, rejuvenating and reconnecting with the source.

The peak of Summer found us tucked away on a tiny Greek island with the wonderful Janet Stone. The week wove together daily Yoga practice, time for deep connection to the stunning surrounding nature, and stillness. Janet’s rich, creative sequencing, storytelling, and real-life perspective on the teachings of Yoga brought a new dimension to our practice. The island's natural beauty - think white sand beaches, clear blue water, and typical charming Greek white washed rustic villages, on an landscape that's been shaped by wind and waves since the beginning of time - served as a perfect backdrop for deep immersion.



Love to Sanjin Kastelan, Wari Om and Ellis del Sol for these photos. 

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