Sweetest Memories from the Land of Dolce Vita

Wow! One month has gone by already since Meghan Currie’s incredible Italy retreat. 

Meghan’s retreats work a special sort of alchemy – transforming us over the course of a week through gentle wringing out and filling back up again. 

A stunning group of 33 women and one powerful man, softened and galvanized, melted and re-formed, shook, stirred and then perfectly settled into the clearest, brightest and strongest versions of themselves.

The setting helped: we got to steep in the nectar of an early Italian summer, full of ripening, warming and blossoms. And wine, and crazy delicious food.

The beautiful group that gathered from all corners of the world for this immersing knit together perfectly – we want to share here some of their experiences – and thank them fromt he heart for making the journey. 

If you loved this retreat, or if you would like to experience the magic of Meghan Currie's retreats, join us in Bali this New Year's!



Thank you for that heart- and eye-opening week. AW 

I loved every second of this retreat. The whole week was such a great celebration of life, love and respect. The yoga sessions perfectly guided by Meghan, the women circles but also the inspirational talks by the pool side, during meals and in the room. I felt the transition in every one of the beautiful participants during this week. JL

It was a beautiful week, I felt different and more anchored after that experience. What I like with women is that they let you the space "to be you" and express your emotions, to be vulnerable, honest and raw. We understand and support each other in almost every situation. VB

There are no words that will make this fantastic experience justice. Transformative for both mind and body. From the moment arriving to the last breath of departure everything was perfect.  The food was delicious and different every single meal so you got to try lots of different flavours. The yoga shala was so beautiful and full of good energy. The pool was clean and tidy. The rooms was light and nice. Furthermore, the yoga practice was the highlight of the day. I am so grateful for starting my day with releasing all tensions and gathering strength and energy. Meghan is truly a honest and humble human being. She is so inspiring and her yoga classes guided me into the deepest states of being. She helps me unfold and reach beyond imagination. Wow. I will remember this retreat for the rest of my life. It has brought so much love and light. Jo, the goddess, she offered reiki to anyone who attended the retreat. I did one session for 30 minutes and that was so healing. She really helped me move past a lot of suffering. Dee, what an amazing woman. The woman who organised everything so beautiful, and managing to please everyone's needs. She held space for EVERYONE. It was so relaxing having Dee there, because I trusted that she would help me if there was any problem. The photographer, Sanjin, was so good. He made me feel super comfortable. Even though I did not take any individual photos with him, I saw some photos he had taken with the other girls and they were amazing. He truly knows how to create art. He really sees the beauty in everyone and manage to capture that in a photo. What an gift, to see the love and light within others and also being able to capture it so others can see it. To summarize, this is one of the most intense and transformative week I have ever experienced. Thanks to everyone who was apart of this magic adventure. Keep spreading love, the world needs it.  HW

The retreat was magical and no words do it justice. I loved all the beautiful asana practices, the delicious food, the facility, the incredible humans who attended, the connections that were formed, the love that I felt, the support, the authenticity and vulnerability from everyone present. LC

Photos: Sanjin Kastelan 

Meghan Currie


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Sanjin Kaštelan

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Sanjin Kaštelan, aka San-ji, the official Supersoul photographer, is actually a superhero. He is a gem that sparkles and shines. San-ji sees beauty in everything.

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