After many months of sprouting ideas, dreaming big, and connecting near and far, Supersoul begins its official journey as the Year of the Horse unfolds. Significantly, the horse symbolizes a time when people will stick more to their principles, and stand up for their ideals. Good for us, -because Supersoul is made up of incredible non-negotiable life experiences, inspirations from the heart, knowledge from the gut:

Inexplicable connections, distant lands, fortitude, power of protest, laughter, compassion, night buses, loud motorcycle rides, fruit markets, dirt roads, handstands, self-acceptance, music, city-life, dancing, birthing, parenting, wisdom, heartache, intelligence, life's curveballs, nourishing food, colors, healing, bending, curiosity, always moving, community-feeling, art, culture, freedom, friendships, creativity, hand-touch, equality, unity with nature, social innovation, world of beauty. Transformation. Life-more-connected.

And now? It's time to share.
We feel like inspiring others' personal journeys, cultivating curiosity, encouraging freedom, and fearlessness to dive into the most important journey of all, the journey towards the deeper self.

Dee Koprivc


Supersoul founder. Dreamer and Doer. Humbled Mama. Believer in inexplicable connections. Always on the move. Will live twice.

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Welcome to Supersoul.Yoga!

Supersoul = ‘Paramatman’ (परमात्मन्) or the Supereme Soul, exists in the hearts of all beings. (Bhagavad Gita)

Yoga teaches us to live fully, selflessly and gracefully. Creating and holding space for this process, igniting possibilities for more conscious living is at the heart of what we do.

2024 UPDATE: We have been so busy this year circling the globe, visiting the ancient lands, learning, and passing on the knowledge. As we near 2024, we are intentionally taking some time off to recalibrate and finetune our offerings and- please be patient and return to this page for more info soon.

What We Do

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