"We don’t do asana for the sake of asana. We do it for the sake of life. As Yoga practitioners, we should always remember that the practice is all day long.” -David Robson 

Even after more then a month passed since our 2 week Ashtanga Assisting retreat with David Robson and Jelena Vesic, the emotions are still running high! That is what two weeks of deep daily yoga practice with two such powerful teachers will do to you. All the twisting, binding, opening, bending, and inverting our human bodies into all sorts of possible and impossible shapes which Ashtanga Yoga prescribes lead to a powerful emotional release and those shifts can be felt for a long time after. All the curious exploration of the wondrous mind-body-spirit connection keep revealing a precious insight into the vastness of our own potential.

We'll let these beautiful photos and testimonials tell the story of the incredible work that happenned during these two weeks. 

david robson croatia

If you would love to be part of this transformative experience too, we have good news: the dates are set for another 2 week study in Croatia with David and Jelena. Join us from November 30-December 11, 2020 -a magical, fairy-tale like Advent time in Croatia's captial, Zagreb! Pre-register at info@supersoul.yoga.



It was two weeks full of learning, heart opening and gratitude...I feel so grateful to have met teachers who are more than teachers, and a community which makes me believe that there are good people spread around the world, trying to make themselves better. 
In this two-week intensive I felt completely immerged in my yoga practice. The kindness and wisdom of David Robson is so inspiring, and the devotion, strength and open heart of Jelena Vesic empowers me and other women. LL

david robson croatia

So the two week Intensive with David Robson and Jelena Vesic is over. I am so grateful for all the knoweldge I got from them. So grateful that they showed me that something I thought as impossible was very much attainable and within reach. They as teachers give you their all in a unpretentious yet very profound way. A true inspiration. IJ

I often try to find an easy way out. In my practice and also in my life. In the begining of this two weeks ashtanga yoga assisting intensive, I made a promise to myself...That I won't be cheating (to myself), modifying or skipping any asanas, telling myself that I was tired or that I can't. It was intense and overwhelming sometimes. Now I can feel that I am much more stronger in my body and in my spirit. These two wonderful teachers supported me in my silent promise. With a smile, love, kindness and endless support. They were giving their all to each one of us everyday. It was so beautiful to witness that. (It is so hard for me not to get emotional right now because I am...). In this journey with them I learned a lot. Asanas were just tools to unlock some deeper issues  about myself. I will need time for sure to process all this feelings... This is the reason why I love yoga so much. And this is the reason why this has been beyond my expectations. M

david robson jelena vesic croatia

Photos: Sandra DB/GaiaYogaShala

David Robson


David Robson is the director of the Ashtanga Yoga Centre of Toronto. With 100+ students each morning, he leads one of the world’s largest Mysore programs outside of India.

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Jelena Vesić


After studying ballet for 16 years, Jelena made Yoga her sole focus in 2009. She has studied with her teacher, David Robson, since 2010, and is now leading the evening Mysore program at AYCT.

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