'Assimilating the wisdom dense nutrients' from one week in India with Meghan Currie

Moments from the New Year's Retreat, Goa, 2014-2015

 "Some of you know why you are here but yet you don't know.... because there is something more that has brought you here.... that in the coming days and after will be revealed to you"    -Meghan Currie.

Studying Yoga with Meghan Currie, means ''deeply tuning into the wisdom of the heart and the rhythm of the breath''. This, according to Meghan is where ''we discover the grace and unimaginable power that comes to our practice, - from listening to each moment with sweetened ears." This is the mystical and yet peculiarly familiar knowledge that we began to tap into during Meghan's New Year's retreat in Goa, India

Meghan lovingly guided our eclectic yogi group who braved the journey to India, toward delving deeper and deeper into the heart's wisdom through yoga; channeling right there, on the teakwood floor of the beautiful Samata Holistic Center's Shala, the ever-present source of divinity.

Just moments away from the majestic sunsets over the Arabian sea, Samata, was a magical place to soak up the powerful healing energy of India. We were nourished with delicious organic vegetarian and vegan dishes prepared by Samata's talented international team of chefs using vibrant, freshly picked veggies from their own organic garden. The Wellness Centre,- a perfect healing sanctuary offering a whole range of top-class treatments.

And then the New Year's party: an explosion of laughter, in a multitude of exotic accents, and music echoing through the coconut forest, blending into the not so distant Goan party beats.

With our deep gratitude to all who participated on this beautiful yoga journey.      

Reviews by participants:

"The best way to enter the New Year, with love and caring! We loved Meghan's passion and commitment to yoga! Fun and inspiring!!! Thank you for that wonderful experiencia!" -Melinda


"In my memory, the week feels like the sweetest dream: Samata was such a sanctuary that supported each of us in our own blossoming and process.    The weave of the group, the setting, the food (!!)--which really was symbolic of the holistic nurturing that we received on all levels--and the warmth was like a delicious blanket that we all got wrapped up in.    A time away from everything other than whatever needed to happen within each of us, perfectly supported by everything on the outside.    Total magic. Thank you."    -Lisa


"Our retreat was such a success for me, because all needs were valued. Whether someone was looking to engage in heartfelt discussions around our physical practice, or retreat in a more solitary manner, or whether someone was vegetarian, vegan or omnivore! All were welcome to explore, reevaluate or savour the intricacies of his or her yoga-life practice with the loving support from the staff and retreaters the Supersoul team brought together." -Gale


"It was definitely a magical experience and a true reawakening of the soul. I can't thank the team enough though because you added so much to the experience everything was so well organised. We could really just immerse ourselves in the experience of being in that special environment of beautiful beings" -Zaahir


Photos by: Sanjin Kastelan

Location: Samata Holistic Center, Goa

Meghan Currie


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