Crowdfunding: Rebuilding Lives in Nepal

On my recent visit to Nepal, the country I love and once lived in, my heart broke seeing the devastating aftermath of the April and May 2015 earthquakes.  Amidst the rubble, I had the privilege to witness the achievement of the extraordinary through the unity of ordinary people. I experienced CAMP HOPE.

CAMP HOPE is a tented compound in Kathmandu that 350 survivors are relieved to call ‘home’.  An awe-inspiring symbol of recovery, CAMP HOPE urgently needs continued relief to support the lives of its residents.



I am asking us all, friends, yogis and Supersouls, to put our hands together for CAMP HOPE before the harsh Himalayan winter sets in..



Our goal is to raise $50,000 for CAMP HOPE. 

With $50,000, together, we can ensure that all CAMP HOPE residents receive, over the next 12 months:

-Three warm meals a day

-Warm clothing

-Education for the children

-Security, and above all, 


Here are some examples of how your donations help: 

$1        Food for one person for a day

$10      Buy schoolbooks for one child

$25      Provide antenatal care to one woman

$100    Provide potable water for one day

$450    Sustain Camp Hope for one day

$1000  Provide 350 woolly winter blankets

$2000  Put all the children through school for one year

Every single donation, no matter its size, changes how a day looks for a child at CAMP HOPE.

The funds directly support the lives of CAMP HOPE residents and will not be used for any type of organizational purposes.



After over a decade of experience in the field, I know the challenges that "make or break" recovery efforts.  But the astonishing grassroots collaboration between the Portuguese volunteer team (Associacao Obrigado Portugal) and the Nepali Dwarika Foundation, responsible for CAMP HOPE, is nothing short of a humanitarian feat.

CAMP HOPE is a true beacon of light for its residents: children study and play in the communal areas. Men and women attend skills courses, and participate in the planning of the rebuilding efforts. A kitchen tent provides three meals a day. Basic medical services are available for all. The prayer tents and communal areas create a strong sense of community.




If you cannot donate, consider helping in this way: 

  • Share the campaign and inspire others to help rebuild lives at Camp Hope 
  • Volunteer: reach out at for more information. A core team of volunteers is present on the ground, with a continued flow of rotating volunteers. You can hear about their experiences- and chances are, you will be on the next flight to Kathmandu! 



Dejana Koprivc  | Campaign Organizer

Hoda Mohajerani | Campaign Producer | Video Director

Paul Prescott | Director of Photography

Andreas Steinkögler| Video Editor

Goran Brezni | Designer 

Jason Kalidas | Music

Ilana Laps | Editor



We are all volunteers.

There are no paid employees and no personal expenses!

All your donations are tax-deductible.

Every single dollar goes towards rebuilding the lives of CAMP HOPE residents, whose lives and homes were completely destroyed in the earthquakes



What if we exceed the target?  

We will be able to direct the funds towards children’s schooling, medical care for pregnant women and the elderly, food, water and shelter beyond the next 12 months, and for as long as it will take to rebuild the villages. 

What about the rebuilding efforts?

CAMP HOPE residents dream of returning to their homes as soon as possible! The hill terrains that supported their villages are still not safe. Frequent aftershocks, a long monsoon and landslides, currently hamper the reconstruction of villages. Efforts to clear the roads to the area are ongoing, with the aim to carry out geological assessments and rebuilding.

Where can I get more information about work and life at CAMP HOPE? 





Can I visit the project?

Yes, you can visit Camp Hope in Kathmandu, all you need to do is get in touch with us.

We expect that you will be able to visit the villages in Tatopani, Sindhupalchowk once the roads are cleared and deemed safe for travel, and the reconstruction is underway. In the future, our hope is that you travel to this stunning region of Nepal, and enjoy the treks in this Himalayan abode, with its centuries-old Buddhist culture, just minutes drive from the border with Tibet. 





Dee Koprivc


Supersoul founder. Dreamer and Doer. Humbled Mama. Believer in inexplicable connections. Always on the move. Will live twice.

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