SOLD OUT: 200HR S·A·V·Y Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training

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Istria, Croatia

start: Sep 23, 2023
end: Oct 7, 2023


We are very excited to host John and Julia Scott's Second Generation  (SAVY) Teacher Training, in the most beautiful home for Yogis in Croatia. Our intention is to support John and Julia’s inspiring vision for S·A·V·Y which is to "ensure that Yoga teachings continue to be a path that helps humanity to organize life into a Transformational Journey!" We are here to help create a supportive, nourishing and safe learning container for your deep study and practices which will transform you into the guardians of these sacred teachings!

PLEASE NOTE: To apply for the teacher training proceed to register on the SAVY website. ONLY once your application is accepted by the John Scott team, proceed to select the accommodation below. Do not make any payments without the confirmation of acceptance to the teacher training.


John Scott


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John has been a student of Yoga, of AVY since 1987, though during retrospective reverie, john realises that much of his early years at school where spent daydreaming – “eyes fixed in a wide gaze out through…

Julia Scott


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Actor, Dancer, and Yogini, at the age of 18 Julia began her yoga journey, first drawn to Iyengar Yoga and Buddhist Meditation. In 2014 however, when Julia was introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, it was…


Our Retreat home is located in a small village in the heart of Istria, the northern Adriatic peninsula of Croatia. Not far from the Slovenian and Italian borders, this part of Croatia is known for its gentle and mysterious ancient energy, felt through the story and history of the picturesque local towns, delicious food, nourishing supporting lands, and crystal clear Adriatic sea. The local towns are well known for their historical charm, while the quiet villages, green valleys and ancient olive orchards feel like an undiscovered slice of heaven.

The Estate

Our home is a beautifully restored farm estate, a collection of four traditional stone villas-surrounded by lush, maintained gardens, and a serene atmosphere of the nearby vineyards and farms.   Our home is inspired by tradition and nature, creating an atmosphere of stillness as well as vibrancy of life.

In addition to the communal kitchen and dining area, each villa has its own kitchen and dining space- so that you will always have access to a fridge, coffee & tea, and can even store or access your own snacks as you please.

Each villa has its own swimming pool, with a pool area for relaxation.


The rooms are very spacious, and beautifully furnished. Most rooms have ensuite bathrooms, double bedrooms, and all include Wi-Fi and air conditioning.  In some areas WIFI might be weaker due to thick stone walls. Communal areas will have better wifi.

You can choose to stay solo, or in a shared twin or a double room with slightly different standards.

  • Superior Single room with ensuite bathroom:  €2,200
  • Superior Twin Room Shared with ensuite bathroom €1,800
  • Standard Twin Room shares bathroom with one more room €1,650
  • Deluxe Room with ensuite bathroom, a shared double bed, bath tub and sofa €1,400

These photos show a random selection of rooms from each villa: ALL rooms are furnished as on the photos and have similar size. 


We will circle up in our communal open kitchen and dining area for family-style meals twice a day: for a rich brunch (following the morning practice) and an early dinner. There will always be coffee and light snacks available throughout the day. Your meals will have vegan and gluten free options, and be prepared using local, seasonal and to the extent possible organic ingredients with the intention to keep you healthy and vibrant on your path of transformation.

In addition to the communal kitchen and dining area, each villa has its own kitchen and dining space- so that you will always have access to a fridge, coffee & tea, and can even store or access your own snacks as you please.


How to get there

The quiet village of Prascari, is just a 30 minute drive from Pula airport, which is the nearest airport. You can take a taxi from the airport to Prascari (about 60Eur).

Zagreb airport to Prascari is a 3 hour drive, and the capital's airport is directly connected to many European capitals, some with low cost flights. You can then take an Uber, taxi or a bus onwards to Istria. 

Trieste airport to Prascari is a 90 min drive. Venice airport is 2.5 hours away. (Arriving to Croatia from Italy).

We recommend renting a car if you plan to explore the nearby lands during your stay, as we are in a secluded quiet area and nearest beaches and towns are about a 20 min drive. 

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