The Essence of Ashtanga Yoga- a week in photos

There are certain teachers who have the ability to make us come alive. They are able to transmit energy that inspires a deeply satisfying and effortless Yoga practice. 

Ty Landrum is definitely one such teacher. His teachings of the Ashtanga Yoga method, founded on the interplay of the pranic patterns present in Hatha Yoga, brings fascinating insights into the vital relation between the physical and energetic, and the external and internal aspects of the practice.  

We are truly grateful for the opportunity to have hosted Ty in Croatia. Deep gratitude also goes to Gaia Yoga Shala, for hosting the guided self-practice week, and generally being wonderful partners!

Here is what the practitioners said about the experience:

I enjoyed deeply the unfolding of Yoga through Ty's point of view. It made me rethink some old concepts, introduced me to new ones and definitely elevated my practice to a new level. So grateful for this wonderful experience and hoping that I will learn from Ty soon again.” IJ 

A week with Ty has forever improved my Ashtanga Yoga practice. Ty has a beautiful approach, merely his verbal instructions have brought so much awareness into parts of my body I did not know existed. The technical workshops were excellent. I received great new insight into how to link movement with breath. And to top this great week off, I loved the Indian mythology lessons weaved with tales of love, and delivered with a great sense of humor. Hoping for another opportunity to learn from Ty.” LP

Amazing week with Ty Landrum, such a gentle and grounded teacher who guides us with a warm smile, gently and safely through obstacles. Love the Prana and Apana pattern practical exploration. Love the philosophy and storytelling so deeply connected, usable and inspiring for everyday life. Hope that we can practice again soon.” MK 

After attending both Mysore week & the weekend workshop, I feel the shift in my practice. Ty is an authentic teacher. He had a fine balance between adjustments & letting the student have their own autonomy during the Mysore week. His sense of humour kept the energy high throughout the week. What is so impressive about him is his clarity in conveying complex philosophical aspects of Yoga , particularly through the stories.  Was I inspired? Absolutely. His teachings helped me seal my desire to continue to grow within Ashtanga Yoga method. Thank you!” ME

Don’t miss a chance to join Ty Landrum again for a 6 day intensive in Zagreb, Croatia May 1-7, 2020


All pics by Sandra DB

Ty Landrum


Ty Landrum is the director of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. He is an international exponent of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, which he continues to explore under the direction of his teacher, Richard Freeman.

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