Olé Andalucia- we loved you so!


As the sun reached its peak in June, we spent the longest days of the year diving deep into practice and play with Meghan Currie in the heart of the Spanish countryside, Andalucía. There, suspended between the sea and stars, cradled by the fiery soul of old Spain, we got to the heart, the core, to the essence of things.

This is the natural outcome of retreating with the magical Meghan.

meghan currie yoga retreat

Each morning, we spent hours on the mat moved by Meghan’s liquid teachings that flow from the heart and dredge up treasures through the work of moving and breathing and listening. Meghan has a unique and truly powerful way of engaging each individual so deeply in their own experience, and at the same time revealing fresh and poignant perspectives collectively. Her teaching is both refreshingly sharp and clear and so deep that it gets you at the very root of your being, shifting points of view, allowing for melting, for galvanizing, for cleaning and clearing out the dusty corners that we’d forgotten about.

meghan currie yoga retreat

Our days were spent basking the glow of each other and the gorgeous Suryalila retreat center, our home for the week.

In the evenings, we soaked in dreamy Yin practices, carried by Cellomano’s haunting live soundscapes. We visited beautiful medieval Rhonda, learned how to dance Flamenco, explored permaculture gardening, and spent many hours in the sauna....It was perfection and we left with hearts full and ripe to dive into the waves of summer… 

Here is what the retreaters had to say: 

The retreat in Andalusia was truly amazing, beautiful surroundings and accommodation, the most delicious food, fantastic music by Cellomano, sweaty sauna sessions, all experienced alongside a set of the most amazing human beings...Meghan's classes are out of this world…the self-inquiry, creation of spaciousness, physically challenging my body to take my strength & flexibility to new levels.  Hearts opened and minds cleared. And then allowing, surrendering and receiving. - Sally

Meghan’s yoga isn’t for the faint of heart, it’s for the warriors. Expect to be pushed in the most beautiful ways. Expect to gain strength and to open in ways you haven’t imagined. It’s a yoga retreat but it’s also a soulful journey back to yourself surrounded by the love of new friends.  -Nicole

meghan currie retreat

This retreat was a transformative experience for me on and off the mat. I enjoyed the chance to practice with Meghan daily in the magnificent environment at Suryalila, with live cello! Dreamy. Our group of fifty felt like a family. I made incredible friendships on this retreat. Thank you, Meghan and Dee! -Mary

This was my third retreat with Supersoul Yoga and Meghan Currie, and Meghan and Dee are a retreat dream team. Dee is so amazing at organizing everything and making sure everyone is taken care of. Meghan is a magician at creating a deep and intense but at the same time playful and fun atmosphere in her classes. Together, they create a beautiful experience and space for retreaters to go deep and have fun! The venue was also so beautiful and the food was delicious. -Emma

When all was done, I felt stronger, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I felt a deep sense of connection to self and to all living things. I felt refreshed, revitalized, brighter, lighter, more whole and complete. -Sally


Photos: Wari Om Yoga Photography

Stay tuned for announcements on Bali January 2020 and Spain 2020 retreats with Meghan Currie!

Meghan Currie


I Love handstands, motorcycles, vegetables, safety pins, smells, graffiti, moss, bicycles, pigeons, dirt, dancing, beets, mustard, music, language, insects, diagrams, tractors, teaching, surprises, shaking, wisdom, nonsense, yard sales, anatomy..

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