"Yoga to us means freedom. Both for the mind and for the body. It's a way of switching off everything that goes on around and simply being with yourself." Lisa & Nazareno


It's always so heart-filling to spend time and chat with Lisa and Nazareno, the two genuine high-vibe catalysts known for their vibrant vinyasa classes, love for surf, yummy food and travel. Bali is one of their favourite places, and that's where they are taking us on their next retreat which we are so excited to help organize!

What does Yoga represent to you?

For us, Yoga is a lifestyle. The way we choose what to eat (nourishing our bodies with as much organic, locally grown produce as possible), how we treat other people and animals, keep our life simple and last but not least listen to the voice within and keep following our dreams.

What style of yoga do you teach?
Vinyasa Flow, Partner Yoga, Yin, Restorative, Hatha and Yoga for Surfers


Tell us about your teaching style?
Our classes are diverse and playful - each class is different. The reason we've fallen for Vinyasa Flow is that it's FULL OF POSSIBILITIES and we can be very creative when sequencing! The classes can be slow and strong, can focus on fluidity in movement, a certain peak pose, or playful armbalances.

Another thing which is unique about our classes and workshops is that we co-teach many of them, which means that we can give extra attention to the students. We both teach, adjust and demonstrate.

In our classes you can expect to have fun! We want to give people a chance to get out of their heads, tune in with their breath and body and take them through playful, inspiring, invigorating sequences to make them feel good!

What tips would you give to a new yogi?
DON'T compare yourself to others - we all have different bodies, experiences and lives. Try different styles and teachers and find what/who you resonate with.

Urdhva Dhanurasana

What's your secret to happiness?
Be adventurous, travel, live simply, eat healthy food, surround yourself with people you love and go spend time in nature.

What are you grateful for today?
Waking up to the sound of the Atlantic ocean outside our house here in Portugal.

You love to travel, how does your passion for travel connect with your passion for Yoga?
Traveling brings curiosity, and so does Yoga. Go new places - try new postures. Sometimes things go smoothly, sometimes life is challenging. But it makes you grow. To travel and meet new people and places is one of the most rewarding things you can do. And so is Yoga. Practicing Yoga is simple: you only need the mat and your body. Bring your mat with you wherever you go!


Which cause(s) do you support? What concerns you the most?
We support Greenpeace. We're concerned about the environment and find it really sad to see so much plastic being used and then thrown straight into nature and the ocean in some of the most beautiful places on this planet. The best thing you can do is to be a good example for others. Bring a reusable bag when you go shopping, buy organic fruits and veggies, eat as much local food as you can, learn about natural healthcare (we don't need all those bottles!) and refill your water bottle instead of buying a new one!

Find news sources who write/talk about the good things done in this world! There's so much focus on the "bad" and we don't hear almost anything about the "good"!

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Lisa Andersson Rhodiner


What makes Lisa's classes special are her playful and creative vinyasa sequences, infused with sweet, intentional hands-on adjustments and a commitment to focused breathing.

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Nazareno Grisolia


Nazareno, born and raised in Uruguay, is an international Yoga teacher and co-founder of Inspiro Yoga, traveling the world offering uplifting and playful Vinyasa Flow classes and workshops at international festivals and retreats.

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2024 UPDATE: We have been so busy this year circling the globe, visiting the ancient lands, learning, and passing on the knowledge. As we near 2024, we are intentionally taking some time off to recalibrate and finetune our offerings and- please be patient and return to this page for more info soon.

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